Our Family of Farmers

Russ and Kathy Zenner

in Genesee, ID


3rd Generation Farm

Farm History

Part of our farm includes the first ground my grandfather, Pete Zenner, had the opportunity to purchase in 1935 after his immigration from Luxembourg in 1903. As we had the chance to take our turn in management and ownership of the farm we recognized the need to reduce tillage to address many of the adverse implications related to soil quality, water quality, and sustainable resource management that were a significant problem with the traditional conventional tillage cropping systems. We transitioned through reduced tillage to 100% direct seed in 2000.

Farm Future

Our goal for the future of our farm is the have the next generation of caretakers of this land to continue with a passion for stewardship and to improve the inherent productivity capabilities of the soil and also continually improve the nutritional value of the food produced from this farm.

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