Our Family of Farmers

Jim and Barb Nollmeyer

in Reardan, WA

Farm History

They have lived in their present home for 42 years and have raised five children, all of whom worked on the farm in different capacities. Jim and Barb both come from farming backgrounds. Jim grew up near Withrow, WA then at the age of 19 he moved to Reardan, WA. In Reardan Jim began by leasing part, and later purchasing a third of the farm.

Why No-Till?

After witnessing years of land erosion caused by conventional tillage practices, Jim and Barb knew it was time to convert to sustainable agriculture. In 1985, they began experimenting with no-till seeding techniques. These techniques were so effective that they convinced the two other owners to completely invest in no-till farming. Jim said, "We believe that sustainable agriculture is the only way to insure our ability to provide food, fuel and fiber for future generations." The Nollmeyers began to increase the amount of no-till farming and decrease their conventional farming practices. By 1997, they sold their conventional farming equipment. Jim and Barb had reached their goal of becoming sustainable farmers. Since Jim has been an owner, the farm has grown from 2700 to 6700 acres. The Nollmeyers' farm not only produces wheat for Shepherds Grain, they also produce barley, canola, and mustard.

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