Our Family of Farmers

Mike and Jamie Kunz

in Davenport, WA


3rd Generation

Farm History

The farm and home where Jaime and I live was purchased by my grandfather, Leo Kunz, in 1928. My parents, Charles and Irma Kunz, operated the farm until 1982 when I moved to the farm and took over the operation. The changes that have taken place on the farm over the last 80 years have been drastic. In 1935 my grandfather bought the first tractor that was used on the farm. He was pressured by my Dad who threatened "The horses go or I go." He won!!! Since that time the modernization of the farm has been continuous. New equipment, technologies and challenges have been the norm. The commitment to a direct seed operation is the most recent challenge. I have spent several years learning and experimenting with direct seed systems and two years ago I was finally able to purchase the equipment necessary for a direct seed operation.

Farm Future

Sustainability!! When I consider the future of the farm the most important issue is to ensure that the farmland is farmed in a sustainable system that will enable me to pass a productive, viable farm on to the next generation.

Shepherds Grain

My first year as a producer for Shepherds Grain has been rewarding. The connection to the end user is something I have not experienced in my years producing a bulk commodity whose identity was lost as soon as it delivered to the local elevator. The opportunity to meet bakers using the flour that was milled from wheat that I produced was exciting. I look forward to my future involvement with Shepherds Grain and am thankful for all those purchasers of Shepards Grains products who understand the importance of sustainable agriculture.

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