Our Family of Farmers

Kevin and Kerrie Melville

in Joseph, OR

Farm History

I (Kevin) grew up working on the farm with my dad, and as a teenager started to rent my own ground. (Kerrie grew up on a dairy farm in California.) After Kerrie and I were married, we formed our limited liability company and we rent, custom farm, and custom manage farmground.

Why direct seed?

I have always had the drive to try new ways and in the 80's, I got hooked on direct seeding. I continue to push forward with direct seeding because of the economic value, the environmental value and my pioneer instinct to survive in this world. With the direct seed practice the soil organic matter has increased, worms and other micro-organisms are now working the soil and we now experience no spring run off. Our land is irrigated by circles leaving most of the corners to wildlife habitat. The place abounds with deer, pheasant, quail, eagles, hawks and owls are all seen in great numbers. Oh, yes, gophers, coyotes too.

Why Shepherd's Grain?

The "grow local...eat local" market that Shepherds Grain and the Food Alliance are establishing is a very gratifying relationship for farmers and consumers today. Keep up the good work Shepherds Grain! I truly love being a farmer.

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