One small step for man,
one giant wheat for mankind…

Testing 1,2,3…. Check, check. Is this thing on? OK, I’m not sure I can really commit to “blogging” on a regular basis but I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it goes…… please forgive my grammar, spelling and general non-sequiturs. 

FindTheFarmer is an idea that I’ve been pushing around for a while now. I have to be honest and admit from the start that Michael Pollan really inspired me with his writings and to him I should give credit for the kernel of this idea. 

The basic story is that Stone-Buhr is the first major wheat flour brand to offer consumers the chance to learn where the wheat came from and be assured we are both supporting regional family farming and certified sustainable agriculture. I am so pleased to launch this site with the support of the farmers of Shepherd’s Grain and the Food Alliance sustainable certification standard. 

It is my hope that consumers find the information interesting and we are able to grow the products that are FindTheFarmer enabled! I’ll try and use this blog to tell the story as it happens and as this is only a start, please send any and all feedback!